Mi Drop for PC – Download For Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac

Download Mi Drop for PC to share the files without any hassle and internet connection. Are you wondering how to install it on any non-android device? Well, it is very simple. You need to use the links that we will provide below for the MAC and Windows users. Other than that, you will get to know about the emulator that can let you download this app on a non-android device easily. Though most of us utilize WhatsApp for transferring files. You will have the most convenient method for transferring files in high quality with Mi Drop for PC Windows Online Application. Also, the image quality will not be reduced if you are using this Application. Best of all, there won’t be any limitation for transferring the files to another device in Mi Drop Online

MI Drop for PC
Mi Drop for PC Software Download

Also, there won’t be any frustration while transferring a file of any size of the videos, songs, files, and much more. Below we are going to highlight the features of the Download Mi Drop for PC App. You will know how to install it on your computer. Let’s delve!

Do you know there are some other names of this app too? It is known as share me. Best of all, you will have sharing of files without any internet connection. It is made for sharing the files from one to another android device. But now, you can use this app to share the files or docs on other devices that don’t have android software. Currently, there are more than 100 million downloads of Shareme Mi Drop for PC.

In fact, the Application is not limited to download, and you will have the privilege of downloading the app on any device after reading our guide till the end. There are several brands of phones that are compatible with it.

Download Mi Drop For PC, Windows, Laptop

It is great to have a sharing application on your computer. You will be transferring the data quickly. Also, you will have the option of cloud storage only when you will be using the lighter apps. The PC will be full of storage when you have a lot of software in them.

Also, you can easily share the large files of pc. You can quickly throw up the content of your device to another or new device. Also, you will have a smart solution for saving your files in any other place easily. Likewise, the Application comes with folders, and you can easily protect your documents with a password.

Most people use a wired USB cable connection to transfer the files. On the other hand, you will have a wireless file transferring option too. With the Xiaomi phone, you can easily backup your Windows 10 device with the Mi Drop for PC Software Download in the following ways.

How To Install On Windows?

To install the Mi Drop for PC Software Download on windows, you can use our link, and there won’t be any need for an emulator to download it on your device.

How To Install On Mac?

Are you a MAC user? Don’t worry, you can use the MAC device to download the Mi Drop on your non-android device.

Use our link, or you can use the emulator method for downloading this handy Application. Read on!

How To Download & Install Mi Drop For Pc With Emulator?

You have to download and install the Application on the computer with some other source, and one of the best methods is to use the emulator. The best emulator is Bluestacks. For instance, there are other emulators as well that include the Nox app player and much more.

Besides, the best option to use the android apps on other devices is by using the Bluestacks emulator. You can use the Bluestacks application because it is highly safe and convenient.

Below are the steps that you will be using for downloading the Bluestacks for installing the sharing Application on your device.

Steps To Follow:

  • Firstly, you have to download the Mi Drop for PC Software Download, and you need a secure internet connection as well. Now open the browser.
  • You need to download the Bluestacks from the official site that is bluestacks.com.
  • Further, click on the installing button to download the Bluestacks on your system. You have to choose your operating system type here as well.
  • Allow access for the Bluestacks to download it in your system whether you are using a PC, laptop, or any other device.
  • After installing Bluestacks, you have to use the google account to open the list of applications.
  • So now login to the google account.
  • You have to type Mi Drop in the search bar area and let the Bluestacks search it.
  • Now open Mi Drop for PC, and you have to click on the install now option to run the Application on your computer.
  • You can instantaneously download the app on your computer, and it will be installed within a few seconds.
  • Now you are ready to use the Application on a laptop or PC. Plus, you will be sharing files of any size without any hassle.


1.     File Transference: The file transference will be easy once you have this Application on your phone. For instance, it lets you share music files, images, videos, and much more with it. Also, you will have quick sharing options with the app at any time. The Application will be sharing the files without an internet connection as well as with much better speed.

2.     Support: The Mi Drop for PC app will support Android devices originally, and you can use it on other devices by using the application link provided by us. Or you can use the method of emulators to download it easily as well. Once the file is downloaded, you will be navigating to the files and sorting out the categories to transfer them in less time. However, it will be fun to share the apps while using this Application.

3.     Restart Or Resume Transference: The starting and resume transference will be easy, and you can just click it one time to share the files.

4.     Speed of the App: Speediness is one of the most crucial features to look upon while using any application on a phone, pc, or any other device. Best of all, you will have quick transference of the files. It will provide a 200 x times faster connection of Bluetooth, and you will not need to wait to share the large files. Therefore, you can transfer any size file with Shareme Mi Drop for PC in a few seconds.

5.     User Interface: The user line interface is one of the utmost crucial things to look at after downloading an application. Besides, you will have the most straightforward option to share the files. Plus, it will make the sharing of features easier.

You will have the modest and hassle-free option of sending a bunch of files and folders within one click. This Application was made with the most well-organized interface, and you will have friendly interaction. Also, you can contact customer care if you have any trouble while using it.

6.     No Internet required: Another great feature of Shareme Mi Drop for PC is that it doesn’t require a cellular or wifi connection to work. Therefore, you will be transferring the small to large files without any hassle or online connection. Plus, it will let you transfer the files in less time than the other apps or even the Bluetooth connection of your phone.

7.     Types of files: The Application of (Shareme) Mi Drop for PC contains the competence to hand over files of any type. For instance, you can download the image, mp3, mp4, and several other kinds of file formats. No doubt, the Application is versatile as compared to other app-sharing files. On the other side, you will have a file size of Mi Drop for PC that doesn’t require a lot of space in the device.

8.     Devices: There is no limited number of downloads to install the Application. You will have a simple yet highly convenient option to download the share me app from the play store. Plus, you will be quickly downloading the share me Application on PC and non-android devices, too, with the link that we have provided you above.

9.     Ad-Free And Free To Download: The share me Application will be completely ad-free, and you can download free of cost. This file-sharing application doesn’t contain any ads at all to distract the user. Further, you will have a free app to download.

10. Language Support: The language options are wide. You will have a choice of using the share mee application in any language that you can understand easily. Plus, you will have the support of English, Chinese, Bengali, Indonesia, Bahasa, ру́сский язы́к, українська мова, Portuguese, Espanol, Tiếng Việt, etc.

Some Advantages Of Xiaomi Mi Dop for PC

  • You will not have any interruption of the ads in the Mi-Drop PC. You will be prevented from the hassle of advertisement.
  • It will let you easily transfer large-size files to your computer. The Application will work without any restrictions. You will have the simplest sharing option of the files from the computer to mobile and from mobile to PC.
  • You can resume back without any interruption while transferring and sharing the files.
  • The interface will be supporting all kinds of files.
  • You will have the most user-friendly Application, and it will be working effectively.
  • The Application works 200 x faster than the regular Bluetooth connection in our phones and PCs.
  • It doesn’t require wifi or a cellular connection to copy the files.
  • The Mi-Drop application will allow you to copy the files from one to another account easily. You can also transfer pictures, movies, videos, and much more from one device to another.
  • It is easy to install and takes less time in downloading.

System Requirements

  • Name: Mi Drop.exe (ShareMe)
  • Version 1.28.10
  • File size 6.07 MB
  • OS: Windows 10,7, 8, or MAC


Is There Limited File Type To Send On The Mi Drop While Sharing?

No, you can send any file type and size from the Mi Drop while sharing it from any device.

How to install Mi Drop on iOS devices?

You can easily install the Mi Drop-in MAC, android, and PC devices by using our link that we have provided above in our guide. But it is not available currently to be downloaded on iOS devices.

What Type Of File Can I Send From The Mi Drop?

You can send any kind of file like images, videos, apk files, and docs from the Mi-drop.

How To Use Mi Drop-In Android Device?

To use Shareme Mi-Drop on an Android device, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You can install the Mi Drop on your android device to use it.
  2. Now connect the device with the computer, but both devices should be connected with the same internet connection.
  3. You have to open the Mi-Drop app from your phone that has android software.
  4. On your connected computer screen, you will have an option of the start button on the lower side to use the Application.

To Sum Up

Mi Drop for PC for sharing files instantly from any device is quite popular. You can download music, photos, videos, and several other kinds of files from one folder easily. Also, you will have a safer way to send the files from a device that is full. You will have a convenient way to free up space from one device. Moreover, it will provide you all the features that other sharing apps do not have.

Hopefully, now you can install the Mi Drop for PC app easily on your non-android device. Besides, you can reach us in the comment section. We will answer your queries shortly. Thanks for visiting here!